Snow this AM. Just a skiff but the roads are slick. We are expecting several inches at the most. Heavy accumulation rarely comes with extreme cold. In the next few days we could be faced with wind chills of -30f or more. Air temps not much lower than -15f so not as cold as it could be. This should lats through the weekend and be back to normal.

Yesterday fished excellent on Grey Reef. Light nymph rigs in the tailouts with a pair of midges or a scud/midge rigs did the job. Rusty scuds in 14 or 16 and uv midges in black and brown, PALs and Pulsating Emergers tethered to lighter tippet.

We are still doing some cheap season trips but will postpone during this cold snap. 2 nights in the cottages and a day on the river(2 anglers) for $525 is a smoking deal. Full access for those who love to wade private water. One day one night(2 anglers) for $450.