Wyoming Fly Fishing

Fishing remains very productive and the traffic is really light right now. The upper Grey reef section is very good while the lower stretches are not producing quite as readily as the upper. But, they are well worth fishing. The river is fishable all the way to Glenrock. 3500cfs 54 degrees. Hatches: Baetis stragglers, midges, caddis and the PMDs and Sallies are slowly coming on. The streamer bite is surprisingly good as well.

Miracle Mile is also fishing well and it has been pretty busy. Golden stones are the hatch of note with midges, caddis, PMDs and sallies. Pats Rubber Legs, Inbred Stone, HalfBack etc doing well. 2000cfs and 56 degrees. The past couple days have been in or near the 90s so temps will climb. Last night the low was 70…ouch!

We have a couple great lodge spots in late July and Early August. September has a couple spots and October is filling quick but still some great option s available. Give a call about dates.

Photo: Ron Gard of Texas was with the first group to come fish the North Platte River with us even before the lodge was in place in 1998. He has come every year since. Thanks!  He commented that this was one of the best trips ever. Ron wrestles(literally, in the boat with both happening simultaneously) with his passions of photography and fishing. Good stuff!