Wyoming Fly Fishing

Interesting that the flows remain this AM. We kind of expected them to start dropping. Grey Reef flows are 3350cfs and Miracle Mile flows are 2000cfs.

Evening caddis dry fly has been excellent! Golden Stones(dry)at Miracle Mile have been good but disappointing as compared to the past couple years. The numbers of Glolden Stones are very strong but overwhelmingly sunny conditions can keep the fish timid to the big dry flies.

Yellow Sallies and PMDs the other hatches of interest. In fact you can have great days just focusing on them.

Tricos are producing some nice dry fly opportunities with the AM spinner fall.

Streamers have been very productive.

The story is to be very opportunistic and allow yourself to put down the nymph rig to enjoy techniques that many think are unavailable at Grey Reef.

The river is pretty quiet so this is a fantastic time to be here.