Wyoming Fly Fishing 2/22/14

Fly Fishing the Grey Reef stretch of the North Platte River has been typical. Very good production of nymph rigs including pine squirrel leeches, scuds and midge patterns. Streamers have been a touch slower than last week but still getting attention. Grey Reef water conditions have been good but we did get a burp of muddy water at Ledge Creek and Fly Shop Creek a couple days ago. Bear Creek and Bolton both had a touch of runoff but was short lived. The North Platte River from Grey Reef to Government Bridge is accessible by boat and fishing well. Bates Creek is running semi high and a little muddy. Almost open to Sechrist and the Narrows are still choked a bit. Stay on Grey Reef…below Government Bridge isn’t worth the effort or the mud. This is pretty typical of spring where the river is often unfishable below Government Bridge due to run off at Bolton and Bates Creek. Our locations are at Grey Reef so we are well above the problems. Our guides have been doing a few trips but the weather has been a limiting factor. This will change soon and we are getting more interest for the beginning of March.