Wyoming Fly Fishing

The past few days have been providing us with some needed moisture. Snow flurries are building our snow pack and making the roads treacherous. The snowpack for the upper Platte is right around 80% of the 30 year average. Another 4-8″ in the Snowies could bump that number up. We are hoping that March and the remainer of April provides a fair bit of snow.

Fishing, like always, is producing well. Dry fly fishing is isolated but if you are there at the right time it is a fun challenge. The calmest/warmest part of the day will bring out the midges and the trout have been looking up for them. More a matter of the right presentation with a reasonable imitation. Don’t give them a long look and try to show them the bug right after a rise. Similar to trico fishing.

Nymphing has been very good with standard winter imitations. Scuds and midge patterns, worms and leeches are getting the job done.

Streamers have been good sport with a slow to medium retrieve low in the water column. Goldies and Olive Bergin Buggers have been local favorites. Check out our new articulated Goldie!

All the hassle of getting the expansion projects done is worth it! We are super excited to hear your reaction the first time you step into the lodge this year or move into a cottage for the weekend. We hope you appreciate it.

Pic: Co-owner Trent Tatum has put in a lot of time this winter to get a few of these.