Wyoming Fly Fishing

Snowing again! We are expecting a few inches out of this squall and once again we couldn’t be happier. With all the snow on the ground and the possibility of warmer temps toward the end of the week there is a chance that we will see a rapid melt situation. It may cause some water quality issues for the weekend? The projected temps are borderline but if the sun is intense even mid 30s can get things moving. We’ll keep you posted.

No change in the fishing. Miracle Mile, Fremont and Grey Reef are all doing great. We would suggest not attempting getting to Miracle Mile as the winds have and will continue to create some impressive drifts. Fremont Canyon can also experience drifting and cell service is non existent at Cardwell. But, if you walk the road toward Pathfinder Dam you will get service as you approach the top of the hill. Same goes for Miracle Mile. Sometimes a text will escape the grip of Miracle Mile vortex and cell service won’t reappear until you are a mile shy of getting back to the asphalt as you motor toward Alcova on the Kortes Rd.

Pic: Per usual, another great (and relevant) shot by co-owner Trent Tatum.