Wyoming Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Wyoming, fly fishing Grey Reef is borderline unfair. The past few days have been incredible. All of our guides and guests are spending a good portion of the day OUT of the boat. Private access affords us the privilege of wading the best runs at Grey Reef and it has been excellent. We have done a half dozen walk/wade trips in the past couple days and they have been very successful. Brad did 2 trips on Wednesday!

Small bugs like PALs, RS2s, Lazys, etc seem to be attracting the larger fish. Worms and leeches are slaying the 12-14″ class. Fishing a 5-6′ leader with 4x fluorocarbon and a pair of small midge patterns has been our favorite.

Regardless of our differing views on targeting spawners PLEASE do not walk through the redds. If you are not sure what I am talking about spend a few minutes to research and educate yourself a little bit about the spawning behaviors of trout.

Photo: Seth made a couple casts during lunch on Wednesday…whoops!