Wyoming Fly Fishing

Fishing is again silly good. Grey Reef is clear to Bates Creek and green (but fishable) below. Some big rainbows hitting the net. Seems we are seeing several 22-23″ daily and bigger every few days. The size is reminiscent of the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s. Difference is the population of wild rainbows have boomed. Needless to say the fishing has and will remain excellent.

Fremont Canyon is green and off color right now…probably due to some issues at Pathfinder. Fremont still fishes great even when it looks like pea soup.

Miracle Mile is also fishing well. It has been pretty busy however.

With freestones all across the west starting to runoff you can find excellent fishing opportunities on the lower North Platte River. We have 5 dams to protect us from runoff making us ultra insulated.