North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Two days of much needed rain have come and passed.  As of this a.m. Grey Reef water conditions are good from Dam to Lusby…conditions below Gov. Bridge are poor but should improve in the next couple of days.  Our guide boats yesterday has good fishing despite  the wind, rain and so-so water clarity.  So, with things coming around and getting back to normal we should be back to the “mini rig” and small bugs…i.e. LAZY, pulsating emerger, pheasant tails, RS2 foam-wing, two-bit hooker, poodle sniffer, etc.  If we are getting the bugs and conditions we have been picking a good number of fish up on dries.  Water levels are still holding at 900-950cfs and we have not heard anymore about a bump in flows…might be another week or two before we see that bump.  Road conditions to the Miracle Mile are sloppy so use good judgement if your headed that way.  Fremont is fishing well but has been crowded as one would expect.