Wyoming Fly Fishing

With our wintery weather we suspect snowpack on the upper Platte drainage to be coming along nicely. I am a little worried about the prospect of false hope. We are very reliant on the months of March and April for the bulk of our moisture reserves. It isn’t unusual to have a banging start to winter and it gets warm and dry toward the end. Warm and dry equals awesome fishing conditions early at Grey Reef. The fishing is always great in March and April but angling conditions can be variable. What is unusual is that we have already had 3 well below zero weather events this winter season…I suspect it won’t be the last. The most recent one was short lived but enough to freeze the nose hairs.

2014 preseason reservations are finally completed. If you haven’t received your confirmation check your spam folder for “The Flybook”, this is our new reservation service and will help streamline our operation. Call ASAP if you don’t see a reservation that should have been completed! The way things are booking for 2014 we want to make sure everybody gets their spot.

Today should see a slush free river to well below Government Bridge. Water is clear and fish are doing what they always do at Grey Reef…eating. Nymph rigs have been best with leeches, scuds and midges. Don’t count our crawdad patterns, worms and more midges. Slow swing/gig and retrieving streamers have been attracting fish as well. We are getting a load of new custom patterns at The Reef Fly Shop and some are prime for current conditions. We have a very early start on shop orders and are operating on nice days and Fri-Sun mornings.

HELP WANTED: We are always looking for high quality employees. We have a guide position open for the career minded individual who wants to commit to Grey Reef. Must be a team player, display exemplary river etiquette, clean and professional and be committed to learning all there is to know about the ins and outs of Grey Reef. We demand and angler/guide who can fish (successfully) with flies. We have high expectations and our policies often exceed legal requirements and current exceptions. As a result our guides settle in for long periods of time and become a very tight knit group.