Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming fly fishing is resilient as ever. We have had some wild spring weather and the Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon sections of the North Platte River have persevered like they always do. Grey Reef blew out in a big way, the roads to Miracle Mile were a mess and Fremont Canyon just kept on ticking. Needless to say, Grey Reef is back in a big way…yes the river flows are up to 1100cfs, yes! The river still looks kinda gross but it is fishing very well. Miracle Mile flows are 3500cfs, yes! Bigger the better and we are happy that by the end of the month Grey Reef will be chugging at 5000cfs. Don’t be scared of big water, this an opportunity and big water years generally have excellent trout recruitment. It may be a little too late to realize that benefit but since the fishing is so much more fun we’ll take it. I would expect the Mile to puff up a bit more than 5000cfs. Cross our fingers for 8 grand…that is my personal favorite. Eliminate the fear of big water and the fish become too dispersed, that is a myth. They go to the water that best suits their needs and that water is always accessible. It is very simple really.

We have a very busty schedule this season and our late sea on dates are getting snatched up. The water conditions will be excellent for a late summer and fall trip.

The Grey reef flow schedule is:

Today: 1400 Tomorrow:1700 5/14:2000 5/15:2300 5/16:2600 5/17:3000

Miracle Mile going to 4000cfs until further notice