On the mend

The Reef is still running at 800 cfs and starting to clear up.  Last night the visibility at the boat ramp was a few inches and this morning it is up to a foot. Thankfully with all of the reservoirs above Grey Reef sitting between 90-98% capacity we will be getting some clear water moving down the line. Give it a couple days and the Reef should be back to normal. Our guides are still using leeches and annelids for point flies then trailing a RS2, Poxyback Baetis, or an All Day May. Run your rigs 5-6 ft weight to indicator.

Fremont has been fishing great! No water clarity issues to speak of. There has been a healthy baetis hatch with this overcast weather.  If you are looking to throw some dries Fremont is your spot.  If you prefer a nymph rig tie in a PT, midge larva, Tailwater Tiny as your point fly and trail it with a RS2, midge emerger, or baetis emerger.

The drive to the Mile is still mucky. If you want to venture out there make sure you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The forecast is showing some nice days towards the end of the week and that should help dry up the road.

If you have any questions feel free to call the shop at 307-232-9128 or stop by!