Wyoming Fly Fishing

This weekend was fun! Saturday our trips were successful but unfortunately the wind became a little pushy. The ability to hop out of the boat and wade can make a huge difference. Today we again have a wade only trip going out. We use the boat to access the runs but many anglers want to be out of the boat and doing it on their own. It is impossible to dissect a run from the boat.  NPL and TRFS guides have been doing a lot of wade trips already this year.

Miracle Mile flows are 2000cfs and fishing well, Fremont flows are 78cfs and fishing very well with Grey Reef at 500cfs and fishing well. Nymph rigs will be primary at all venues but expect dry fly at Fremont. Yesterday in the early afternoon on Grey Reef  the trout were pretty suspended. Rick came through a deep run and cleaned up with a short emerger rig after  it was fished unsusuccessfully with a   longer 7′ rig. Foam post RS2…

We were uncomfortable with shutting the shop down yesterday and apologize to those who found a dark building. We did enjoy some family time and all of us ended up on the river….go figure?

The river is in spectacular, superb, tremendous condition. Did that get my point across? After the flush and the past couple years of high water things are as good as I can imagine. Firm bottom where there used to be ankle deep sludge, gobs of fish and big midge hatches with baetis making a grand appearance.  Fishable all the way into Casper!

Expect almost no wind and warm the next few days. Wednesday is scheduled to be 80*!