Wyoming Fly Fishing

Conditions on Grey Reef are excellent. The fishing report has been dry fly all day, every day. The streamer thing is gathering a bunch of steam as well. Nymphing is stellar per usual. Things are quieting down a bit as far as traffic on the river. Get here now for dry fly, it won’t last as this level. We will still have midge eater throughout the winter but the trico, baetis, caddis thing won’t last much longer. Streamers and trophy hunting? Wait until the last week of October through mid November for your best shot at a 25″ + trout on Grey Reef. Our private access and the ability to wade fish the prime water will increase your odds significantly. Fremont is a solid choice for drys, streamer stand nymphs. It has been a little busy. Miracle Mile nymphing is rocking and rolling and the midge, caddis, leech, worm attack has been the most productive. Expect the streamer thing to really crank later in November. As always, please steer clear of redds and let the trout reproduce. CALL and get a trip on the books, you won’t be disappointed.