Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming is experiencing a small winter weather event at the moment. Grey Reef anglers are bundled up and enjoying happy trout. The snow is to let-up by midday and tomorrow we will be back to standard fall weather in Wyoming… 50s and sunny. Fishing has been fun. Miracle Mile is giving up some bruisers on streamers, Grey Reef still poking them on the surface and Fremont Canyon all the above. ¬†We have some good availability on both the guide and cottage front. This is trophy season at Grey Reef and a dedicated angler with a big rod and big streamer has solid chances at a trout over 25″. If you haven’t given the streamer game a go, now is your time. The next 3 weeks will give up the best opportunity. Cash in some vacation time, pack all of your gear and get here.

We are already trying to jockey for 2018…our 20th season. North Platte Lodge philosophy is to provide our guests with the best. Location, facility, staff and private access are the most important features in a fly fishing or wing shooting vacation. North Platte Lodge ticks all of those boxes. Add our peripheral operations of vacation rentals, RV sites, drift boat rentals, fly shop, wild bird hunts and cast and blast packages, and now elk, deer and antelope hunts. We are so fortunate to have a highly experienced staff and the most legitimate and genuine approach to our guided trips. Sure they cost us more but that elevates the value to our guests and keeps them returning. We thank you for that and are excited to see everybody next year.