Wyoming Fly Fishing

Another great day. Weather and fishing. Temps near 60 and no wind with trout on the prowl. Wow, this is the type of spring we love. Prolific baetis and midge hatches keep the fish super suspended and are a kick to fish with light emerger rigs and small “hatch matching” bugs.

Check out Trent’s blog post on The Wyoming Fly Fisher BLOG. It discusses the lack of red blood midges in the river and why. The next few posts will be discussing our upcoming hatches and how our clean river bottom might change them. Undoubtedly, we should see some serious stone fly activity coming up! We are really excited for the season and the codes we get to try to crack. As we float through the years we always tap into our history to assist us. “Water levels were similar in 2002, sooooo…..oh yeah, this is how we approached it” I think this year will be one for the memory bank. We have had lower water but as clean as things are we may get yellow sally dry fly fishing like we had in 2000? Or, maybe we’ll some big stones really pop? I am hoping for the crazy fall baetis that we haven’t seen in 5 years. I suspect lots of noteworthy events…

photo: can you spot the huge rainbow on the redd?