Wyoming Fly Fishing, Grey Reef Fly Fishing, Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Damp and cool this AM. Hope that provides relief for our local forest fire which is zero% contained and grew to 2600acres by yesterday afternoon. We are expecting showers with calm conditions and highs in the low to mid 70s today. After the hot and windy of the past few this will be nice.

Grey Reef fished very well again yesterday. We had boats from Grey Reef Dam to Sechrist. All reported more baetis in the afternoon than any other hatch. Midges are huge and plentiful so don’t discount them. PMDs are present and the Sallies are here and there. Stu was with the Lacy group and they started on a streamer regiment around 10am and fished it for the remainer of the day. Lots of eats on Goldies and Bergin buggers! Not many landed however. It was busy enough that they stuck with it. 3500cfs and 54 degrees. That temp is spectacular for this time of year.

Miracle Mile is fishing very well also. Little bugs still getting the attention but they will respond to golden stone patterns, worms and leeches. The guys are doing some streamer fishing and doing pretty good. 2000cfs and 56 degrees down low.

Low snow pack and hot temps across the west will undoubtedly result in very low and very warm temps in many rivers. The upper North Platte is at 600cfs and dropping/warming. We don’t expect that to fish for more than a couple more weeks. Once again we are fortunate and expect stellar conditions throughout the season at Miracle Mile and the entire Grey Reef section. We provide a fall back solution that is second to none if your other destination experiences tough water conditions.

Pic: Big Hoopty boat net from Nomad. Carbon Fiber and durable. We should have a half dozen more by week’s end…most are already spoken for.