Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Report

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing and Golden Stones! Yellow Sallies! PMDs! Caddis! Grey Reef is steady at 2500cfs and fishing very well. Miracle Mile is at 3000cfs with Golden Stones skittering and slightly tanic but fishing well. Fremont is a river at 600cfs…nothing to be afraid of, take advantage of that opportunity.

Hatches are coming on slow but that likely means they will be explosive. Yellow sallies, PMD and caddis the mainstay for the next month or until the tricos really pop in 2 weeks. Hoppers…shhhh….yes, hoppers are bopping around and have been for a while. Will we get a repeat insane hopper season? I hope so!

Streamer fishing has been worthwhile at Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef. Dry fly is just getting back into swing after the flow bumps and cooler water injection to the Grey Reef System. Grey Reef still looking pretty cruddy down low, but improving daily.