Crickets at Grey Reef and Quiet Fishing for July 4th

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing report for Grey Reef and Miracle Mile is very good and so few anglers on the water. Grey Reef River flows bumped to 2800cfs & Miracle Mile Flows bumped to 3500CFS. Fremont Canyon flows are 600cfs and fishing well. Great water levels that puts every inch of the river in play. Yesterday afternoon there was NOBODY fishing at Grey Reef Dam and only a single tent ready for the weekend. Grey Reef fished excellent yesterday and our group saw only 2 other boats all day. Red midge larva have been very attractive to the trout. Yesterday our most productive AM rig was a Lazy Midge size 18 and a foam wing RS2 / All Day May on 4x with a b to up to 3 b shot on a 4.5-6′ leader. Midday the PMD patterns worked very well in pushier water as did soft hackled yellow sally flies. Soft hackles and caddis larva fished all the way to the ramp. Super small midges are thick in the AM and although midges don’t seem relevant with the other hatches going on they should be regarded. We are already seeing tricos (limited quantities) in the AM. Grey Reef trout love trico spinners so don’t forget your dry fly rods! Evening caddis also showing up…more drys. PMD and Yellow Sally hatches not yet strong but gaining steam.

Miracle Mile fishing report is simple…Golden Stones. Enough said right? We had 5 trips on Grey Reef and 7 at Miracle Mile yesterday. Miracle Mile fished very well and there were some fish landed on big foam dry flys. Half Backs, Inbred Stones and Pat’s Rubber Legs along with beady leaches and San Juan Worms make up the big junk. PMD, caddis, yellow sallies, scuds etc all being targeted by the Miracle Mile critters. PMDs of particular note.

Happy 4th of July!