Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Report

Dry Fly! Fishing is very good on Grey Reef. Flows remain at 3000cfs and the clarity is improving below the Narrows each day. It is fishable on the entire stretch but the upper 25 miles has the best opportunities. Midges were our game after our mob of trico dry fly eaters we were so politely run over by another guide. The trico spinner fall is irresistible to Grey Reef trout and they become crazy for the tasty snacks. It is a challenge but SO worth it. Our rig was 4-4.5 feet with a BB and an All Day May or foam wing RS2 under a red lazy midge on 4x fluoro…all day long. The morning session was insane and my guests seemed to get double hook ups at will. The afternoon wasn’t insane but solid before being chased off the river by rain and lightning. All 11 of our guide trips yesterday experienced similar conditions. There were moments of PMD and Sally glory in the late morning as well. Fast action rods not really the best tools for holding these hot fish right now. They are attacking the fly and too much drag and a stiff rod will apply a lot of pressure and often times pull out or break off before you can get the tip up. It is tough at times to get the rod tip up fast enough so backing off the drag is beneficial. However, getting the fish to the real will be much more efficient than hand lining them. Streamer activity has also been solid so bring gear for dry fly, streamer and emerger rig nymphing.

Miracle Mile Flows have been all over the place and were dropped for the Wyoming Game & Fish to conduct fish surveys this week. The fishing seems to be hit and miss but they are eaters and persistence and problem solving will pay dividends.

Pic: Brown on a trico spinner dry from 2 days ago.