Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

April is coming and the North Platte Lodge has some availability.  Private access? Yes, none comes close to our offering and it encompasses the most desirable section of the river. Quality guides? Our crew are world class veterans. Location? North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop are the only operations at Grey Reef and only a minute or 2 from the main boat ramp.

Fremont Canyon flows have been bumped to 450cfs and there is debris and gooey water conditions. Grey Reef is in stellar condition and entirely navigable from top to bottom…opportunity that doesn’t often present itself this time of year. Miracle Mile is just doing the normal Miracle Mile thing. Grey Reef fly fishing is excellent on nymph rigs and touch and go with streamers. Miracle Mile fly fishing is good with nymph rigs and isolated areas of good streamer fishing. Fremont Canyon fly fishing is likely not terribly worth while at the moment but that will correct itself soon…not saying the flows will do down but it will clear up and be very fishable.

We have had quite a few boats out this past week and folks are still calling for more trips this weekend. Take advantage of a mid winter blast of May! Warm temps and great fishing provides a brief break from the winter blues. Wade fishing has been very good and if you like to get out of the boat your options are pretty limited on the true Grey Reef section. However, we make sure our guests and guides have an unequaled quantity of exclusive private access.