Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Yesterday was another great day. Very nice weather conditions and beautiful water conditions. Not much for dry fly on the upper yesterday and almost no baetis duns on the surface from Bridge to Sechrist. Mini rig was super productive! Light tippet, light weight, short leader and small bugs = crushing takes. Pretty darn fun. We had our fill of fish by mid afternoon and switched to a streamer rig that was not productive, but it was fun trying. Would have probably been a different story had we targeted the redds?

Seth was on Miracle Mile yesterday and the Cameron group did very well. Miracle Mile is still at 2000cfs.

Our schedule will soften a bit next week then it will be full steam for the remainder of the season. Water levels are still at 500cfs at Grey Reef and the wade fishing is fantastic. The BuRec says that we should expect 950CFS for May…still very wade fishable and will open up more water to fish.

The closure has been a source of confusion and revenue for the state. There have been a number of people fishing the short closed area between the cables. This comprises the Cable Hole and the Junk (Junkyard Hole) at and a little above the “Redds” Access. Some think the entire upper river is closed, but is is only about a 500yd section. If you fish it you will likely be ticketed as many have so far this year. It is also the sportsman’s responsibility to know what is and isn’t private property. It is unlawful to beach, anchor or wade on private property without permission. You may use the water but any deliberate use of things associated with land is trespassing. Including hanging onto trees, beaching on submerged rocks and letting the wind pin you up against the bank. Wading and anchoring are obvious. Incidental contact only applies when you make an immediate effort to get off of the bank. There has been an increase of law enforcement presence in the area. We have seen a number of folks cited for speeding on Grey Reef Rd and in the Alcova area. The limit is 35mph and admittedly seems slow when trying to get to the river. But, the additional 30 seconds of time saving is probably not worth the citation. Enjoy the ride and have fun. That is what it is all about.