Oh My! Grey Reef…

Mind boggling. Sight nymphing, dry fly and streamer all produced today. The nymphing has been unbelievable. Many guests who have been coming for many years are saying they have had their best trips ever. Number of fish being hooked is too many to post without being accused of lying, but it really is impressive. The numbers are not the main attraction as far as I’m concerned. It’s the style of fishing, the condition of the river and the ability to do so well OUT of the boat. I love fishing to fish eating bugs, I love to fish to suspended fish and I love wade fishing. Scrubbing worms and eggs over a redd is the last thing I want to be involved with and it isn’t remotely necessary. Break out the 5x and stay sub size 18 (no eggs) to really experience the Reef.

Carl Kilhoffer returned this spring to watch Sage Grouse on the lek and learn to fly fish. He brought a group last year for bird hunting. Sage Grouse on the lek are something else. I recorded some great video of a big lek yesterday, almost 40 birds with one background elk on Wyoming’s high plains with the snow covered mountains in the background. Pretty darn cool. Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  Trent and Carl experienced and even bigger lek today.

Grey Reef is still at 500 cfs, Miracle Mile is at 2000 cfs with Fremont Canyon at 78 cfs. Miracle Mile is Fishing well with baetis and midges being the main hatch just like Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef. Use Pulsating Emergers, Big Bear Baetis, PALs, foam post RS2s, Killer Nymph etc. Light tippet and indicators that aren’t too bright would be best.

Photo: Eric Hollenbeck with one of his many streamer eating rainbows from a couple days ago.