Wyoming Fly Fishing, Wingshooting and Big Game Hunting

Flows are dropping, check the charts below. We’ve had a great run of lots of cool water and awesome fishing all season. These diminishing flows are actually a double edged sword. We like some change, we like many of the trico spots at lower flows but prefer a bit more edge structure for the hopper fishing and even the streamer game. September is starting with great dry fly fishing. Morning is trico spinner time and large pods of Grey Reef’s trout are waiting for the assembly line of food. Tricos are rhythm activity and tons of fun. By mid AM the pseudos are moving and the hopper eaters are ready midday. It has been really enjoyable to bounce around from different modes and techniques. Some big fish eating hoppers. We expect this to run through late September with tricos and caddis through mid October and pseudos until late September when the baetis will replace them through mid October. Then Midges become the predominant dry fly hatch. Also the streamer assault will heat up through mid November and beyond. the weather is so nice this time of year and the fishing is amazing.

Sage Grouse season stars Sept 16. We are finding good numbers of birds and the grasshoppers are providing an abundance of food. We are limited with cast and blast dates so get on that sooner than later. Our inaugural BIG GAME OUTFITTING season is here. Yes, you heard that right. We have an interesting situation with our facilities, fishing and access. Frankly, it is a sportsman’s dream and yes we mean women, kids and men who hunt and fish. Outfitting for pronghorn (antelope), Mule Deer and Elk is our big game hunting focus. We have the animals, experienced guides and the private access that give a sizable advantage to this operation. We are really excited.

New facilities are in the works as well. It has been an interesting permitting episode but we expect to be breaking ground in the next couple months with a cool new project opening spring of 2018. The lodge received an awesome new deck this year and it has been a big hit. We also just completed our liquor sales display so North Platte Lodge will now provide the convenience of on-site liquor sales. We will have a dialed selection of wine and spirits that are derived from our nearly 20 years of operating and noting the brands of choice.

Dinner. Wow. North Platte Lodge cook staff has been on a run of standing ovations. They are turning out artisan meals and stuffing bellies. Be prepared to eat when you arrive OR make sure you have the will power to put on the brakes…you’ll need it. Our corporate groups feel like the North Platte Lodge experience is the best bang for their buck and we can’t thank them enough for returning year after year. Consider us when planning your next meeting. You won’t be disappointed.