Wyoming Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing report is excellent. Sorry for the long delay! I just realized my reports weren’t posting. But the report would be largely the same. Fishing is very good on all local venues including Grey Reef , Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. Grey Reef conditions are low and very clear up top. Below Sechrist the water is cloudy from rain and construction. Dry fly fishing has been good, streamer fishing good and nymphing good…you can’t go wrong right now. Clear conditions require a stealth approach and fish the stuff you think is unfishable, it will open your eyes to what Grey Reef is really all about. Miracle Mile is low and clear with nymphing and some solid streamer activity. Fremont Canyon with great dry fly, nymph and good streamer action. Baetis, caddis and midges are the name of the game if you aren’t pulling streamers.

We are about to get the first real taste of winter. Casper Mountain received several inches of snow yesterday and we are expecting a cool spell all next week. Today it is 57* blue skies and calm.

2016 NPL reservation confirmations were sent out over the past week. If you did not receive your confirmation call ASAP. Our schedule is not allowing a lot of wiggle room. April has a couple full lodge options, if you haven’t experienced Grey reef in April then you really haven’t experienced Grey Reef…awesome. Late summer and fall have become dry fly season on Grey Reef. We always had good activity with trico hatches but now it seems you can head hunt all day throughout late August-September-October. BIG FISH? Yep, October, November are our target months for these critters that Grey Reef is know for. The season isn’t over! We have trips booked into mid December at this point.

Check out the head on this brown: