Wyoming is Awesome, Fishing is Too

Wyoming’s Grey Reef section of the North Platte River is fishing very well. The upper couple miles have been a little tough but after that very good. Despite our lack of vegetation in the river there is some annoying floating debris coming from Grey Reef Dam. Our guests are still having great experiences and catching lots of great fish. As you get below Sechrist expect smaller fish in general..that is pretty normal BUT there are still fish fish to be had. The faster water is producing well with caddis, midges and leeches. Slower water scuds and midges. Tricos are winding down but still allowing some good dry fly in the AM. Get ready for psuedos! Mid afternoon riser pods and mini rig tight riffles….fun!

Fremont Canyon is clear and fishing really well. Streamers, drys and caddis/midge rigs all on KP.

Miracle Mile is a little balled up with hunters but fishing is solid.

Sage Grouse hunters are excited and we have a busy upland season ahead of us. Lots of birds this year and I have been seeing Blue Grouse almost everyday as well.

*RIVER CLOSURE NOTICE* The City of Casper, Wyoming will be closing the North Platte River near the region of Morad Park for in-water river restoration. There will be track hoes in the river excavating deeper channels and building weirs. This is habitat modification (not restoration) and should help an already pretty awesome urban fishery. This could very well adversely impact the river below Casper while the work is in progress. I would expect murky conditions in much of October and this is scheduled for several years to come. I hope I am wrong.