Wyoming Fly Fishing and Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wyoming Fly Fishing is rocking and rolling! Things are solid with dry fly, streamer and, of course nymphing, all in play. AM trico spinner fall has been an excellent dry fly at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon. Caddis dry fly has been awesome in the ev at Grey Reef and Fremont. Streamers getting good looks at Miracle Mile, Gray Reef and Fremont Canyon. Come prepared! Multiple rods and a sink tip is a good idea to get the full experience. Psuedos not here yet but very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if their grand appearance is after this weekend.

Past couple days have been windy but still great fishing. Experience and private access are really important to know where to go to get protection along with production. We expect some stormy weather in the Casper, Wyoming area over the next couple days then this weekend looks really nice with highs in the mid 60s.

This is long time guest Deb Farmer with a golden ticket. JJ and Deb landed this a couple days ago.