Wyoming’s Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Grey Reef is fishing excellent. Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are fishing very well. The prolific midge hatch and baetis hatches are keeping the fish moving hard and high in the water column. If you are struggling to hook a bunch of fish you are likely not matching the bugs that they want or are too heavy on your weight and tippet. Long leaders are not your friend right now either. Bright indicators can damage your needed stealth. Central Wyoming weather in Casper and Alcova is cool and partly cloudy. Expect highs of mid 60’s and light wind with gusting associated with thunderstorms. Water temps are still cool.

Run off got you down? Grey Reef doesn’t get run off and will continue to fish throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer hatches on Grey Reef provide the most diverse fly fishing but also the most experience to understand where, when and why the fish do what they do. Excellent fishing during the summer months despite the myths. These myths are perpetuated by those who fail to be successful that time of year, naturally. These myths also provide an experience free of other anglers and is arguably our favorite time on the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile system.

UV crystal Midges, PAL, foam wing RS2, Big Bear Baetis, medallions, Mercury Midges and tailwater tinys are providing lots of activity. We are fishing 2-6′ leaders and 4-5x fluoro. A compliant rod with help you hold them!