Wyoming’s TroutTown and the BuffTrout

Welcome to Central Wyoming. Casper is not locally recognized as TroutTown but the trend is going the right direction. Typically the bulk of the fishing happens near Alcova and Grey Reef Road is the epicenter of activity. It is still the best location for access to all of the Grey Reef system, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. But! There is a window when the fishing through and downstream of Casper become really productive. We are within that window and will be until water temps cool mid-fall. If you are after the big picture with great fishing, wild country and few people this may not be for you. You are often surrounded by developments and the river is more cramped with fewer fish. This means the river can’t accommodate nearly as much pressure as the upper reaches. That being said it is really fun and the average fish is impressive. Will you catch the Grey Reef monster here? Not anywhere as likely as the upper 8 miles of Grey Reef. There isn’t a shuttle service and the floats can be long. Yesterday there was pretty significant thunder storm and we had one boat on the lower float. They witnesses a 25 degree drop in temps with soaking rain and wind for an hour. It was still worth it.