Wyoming Fly Fishing

Our little storm the other afternoon added some goop to the river. Government Bridge has some clarity issues all the way to Bessemer but seems to filter out before getting the whole lower river. It is a blip and things are already improving. Psuedos! What is that? You don’t match that hatch with a bead so won’t hear much about it. Pre baetis essentially and they are afternoon hatchers. Look for pods of rising big ( read Big) in skinny locations. Also fish your mini rig in tight riffles and drops. FUN! The Reef Fly Shop carries a number of patterns that pseudo specific. The tricos are giving up some dry fly here and there and especially at Fremont. Getting to force feed a few with hoppers but the dropper Hare’s Ear dangling 10″ below has been getting a beating in the afternoon. Streamers are doing the trick beautifully on the entire Grey Reef system. Miracle Mile streamer activity always seems to lag until later but the nymphing is solid.

I have been crafting the 2015 schedules for the lodge, guides and cottages. The lodge is booked very nicely but there are a few prime spots available. These are already being snatched up in the may/june timeframe so give a shout if you want the single best Grey reef experience possible. Cottages are also being booked and if you have plans try to get on the list sooner than later.