Unbelievable day! Super nice. Midday has fish up all over eating baetis and midges. The 2 Fly is in full swing and all boats are doing well…racking up the till for a big year of donations for local charities. The Grey Reef Fly Fishing report is rock solid and a click shy of OMG. Miracle Mile fishing report is also excellent as is the Fremont Canyon fishing report. Central Wyoming is overcast and calm which is the perfect ingredients for Grey Reef dry fly fishing. We are hoping the BuRec sends us a little more water sometime soon! They aren’t holding it to be misers as we are having a great water year but the reservoirs downstream are basically full so there is no reason to send it.

We still have a couple lodge options between now and late August. We do have one full lodge spot available starting August 23rd. Beyond that we have scattered availability through mid October then some full lodge options pop back up. October is a fabulous month on Grey Reef and typically the weather is warm and calm with turning leaves. But the fishing conditions trump the weather. This is “Big Fish” month on the North Platte River.