Wyoming Fly Fishing May 5th

Grey Reef Fly Fishing report is solid++ as the midges and baetis continue to keep Grey Reef trout in a feeding frenzy. Miracl Mile and Fremont Canyon Fishing reports are also very good with the same hatches. Keep them natural, short and light and grin for the day.

The 2 Fly competition is on Thurs/Fri and would be good days to avoid the river. Busy, busy.

Weather is excellent today with cooler temps and moisture later in the week. This makes the fish even more crazy but keeps the anglers bundled up.

We have cottages, Rv sites, Grey Reef’s most experience guide crew, boat rentals, river shuttles and of course Grey Reef’s Original Lodge. Primer trips, 1/2 days, full day and Miracle Mile options. You can’t get a more well rounded and service oriented outfitter. Plus we have way more private access than any other Grey Reef Outfitter and far and away the best location. Grey Reef is used to loosely describe 85 miles of river but we are the only Grey Reef fly fishing outfitter actually at Grey Reef Dam.