Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Bighorn and Fremont Canyon Conditions

Central Wyoming is still in the grip of a spring weather event that is causing widespread river quality issues. We have canceled a bunch of trips but are still putting out guide for guest requests. Psst, they are having awesome days on the water. However, Grey Reef is still muddy and will be a couple days to start to straighten up. Miracle Mile is in good shape but the roads are a disaster in spots. Fremont Canyon is in good shape and fishing is very good. The Bighorn River through Themopolis Wyoming had significant rock slides in the Wind River Canyon and the river conditions are muddy. While we are battling Mother Nature for our most well known and rock star venues Central Wyoming is a treasure trove of fly fishing opportunities. A bit of creativity and research will yield some very cool “new” fishing spots. Caution there are many creeks in the area that have been flooding so be careful out there!