Baetis on Grey Reef

Our Grey Reef guide boats just got off the river and everybody is pumped.  Seth, Stu, Rick and Brad all reported great fishing from Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge along with a wadefishing session at Cardwell (Fremont Canyon).  From the sounds of it, baetis were the key.  According to Stu, him and the Maydew’s never changed bugs from a cdc baetis and a pulsating emerger.  Lots of fish are keying in on baetis right now on Grey Reef.  This is a fun time to be on the Reef!  Baetis means suspended fish and light nymph rigs.  It’s always fun to watch the indicator move 2-3ft on the take and you don’t have to worry about raking bottom.  If the indicator moves, it’s a fish!