fair weather, fishing and the flush

So it just continues to go on. With the exception of a few cold snaps and some snow, the weather(especially for this time of year) has been pretty cherry. Before this last little blip the river was wide open from Grey Reef Dam to Casper. Now it’s back to being locked in a few spots but the upper is ice free and fishing pretty darn well. So, needless to say it’s worth getting on the water.

For all you folks wondering about the Grey Reef flush. As of right now it is slated to begin on March 25th and run 7-10 days. Per usual it starts at midnight and flows drop and stabilize to 500cfs at 10am. With the higher silt load we are expecting the first couple of days to be a little nasty but after that we should be back on track!

Current fishing and conditions:

GREY REEF: 500cfs. Mostly clear. 5-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-1 AB. Leeches(natural,brown or olive), reef worms, san juans, PALs, rhinestones and all-day mays. Getting a decent number to grab the streamer on a slow swing and twitch. Grey Reef is currently open from the Dam to Government Bridge.

FREMONT CANYON: 75cfs. Mostly clear. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-1 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), rhinestone, black RS2, and PALS.

MIRACLE MILE: 550cfs. Mostly clear. 5-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1-2 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), HH leech, san juans and various midge stuff. Road conditions to the Mile are good but as always subject to change this time of year. Watch the weather!

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