FALL FISHING-North Platte River, Grey Reef, Wyoming

All of our Grey Reef guide boats have been having some great fall dry fly fishing the past couple of days.  Tricos, baetis and psuedos have been coming off on all stretches.  A small parachute adams or sparkle para has been the ticket for these fish.  That being said we are about to enter one of the best times to be on Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont.  Mid-October thru November consistently produces some of the largest fish of the year.  Most of these big fish fall victim to a well placed streamer this time of year.  Very few people, combined with great fishing-it’s a no brainer why most of our guides love the fall!  We do have SOME availability in the cottages and for guide trips…so if you have any interest in getting on the water before winter closes in give us a shout or drop us a line.