Gray Reef Fishing Report-FAQs

Just a quick water conditions update for Gray Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon.  Gray Reef is currently flowing at 1,000cfs and is clear from Gray Reef dam to Glenrock, Wyoming.  Water temperatures are in the 50s on the upper and 60s towards Casper.  Miracle Mile is flowing at 900cfs and water temperatures are in the high 50s/low 60s.  Pathfinder reservoir is hovering around upper Chalk Bluff.  Fremont Canyon is flowing at 72cfs and is clear with a little green haze, very typical of this time of year.  Water temperatures are in the low 60s.

Now, here’s a few FAQ’s we been getting via phone and e-mail at The Reef Fly Shop.  Hope this helps…

What is the moss/weeds/vegetation situation on Gray Reef?  With Gray Reef dropping the vegetation becomes more exposed and with nighttime temperatures falling the vegetation starts breaking up, making for some “floaties”.  This is very typical of this time of year and should only improve.  That being said, the mats of vegetation create pretty awesome fish habitat and some sweet feeding lanes.  This is part of the reason why upper Grey Reef is such a good fall, dry-fly fishery.  If the vegetation drives you nuts, head downstream.  Floats below Government Bridge have far less vegetation.

When will the flows drop to 500cfs on Gray Reef and Miracle Mile?  We should see our winter flows in the next 7-10 days.

What is the “hot fly” on Gray Reef?  Oh, the question…  For the nymph fisherman, the answer is pretty simple.  A caddis pattern, like our standard caddis larvae or even a hare’s ear, drop a RS2 foam wing(sz. 20 in black, chocolate or gray) off the back and your good to-go.  The RS2 foam-wing is THE pattern for upper Gray Reef nymph fisherman right now!  If your looking to throw dries this time of year, a head-light caddis and a Brook’s sprout(cream) will get em!

What is the best time of day to be on the water?  The dry-fly program is far more productive in the early morning and late evening, as is the streamer bite.  High pressure makes for bright, sunny days-which tends to slow down the surface activity.  When the fish go down it’s time to switch to the nymph rig.

What is the ideal length/weight setup for Gray Reef?  This is the time of year, where changing your length/weight from run to run can be critical.  Ask one of our Gray Reef guides and they’d tell you anywhere from 3ft(indicator to split shot) to 8ft and a #4 to 1-3 B split shot.  You’ll see our guides altering their guests rigs on almost every run.  Be prepared to slide that indicator up or down and have your weights handy!  You really have to be able to adapt this time of year in order to be successful.