Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Angling Report

Wyoming is in a Chinook pattern of warm and windy fishing conditions. Fishing has been very good but the wind has been relentless. Streamer and nymphing both very good at Grey Reef. Miracle Mile fishing is okay on nymph rigs and tolerable on streamers. Some days are better than other at Miracle Mile. Familiarity, persistence and thinking a little out of the box will improve your success. Fremont Canyon is fishing well but keep moving…both streamers and light nymph rigs working well. Calm periods will get fish on the surface midges.

Grey Reef fishing is old faithful and the solid choice but the other venues are so close that an assault on all are easy. The Reef Fly Shop is open in the AM so stop in for the latest, We are also running our shoulder season specials with cottages and guided fishing check for details. Cheap with our full private access to Grey Reef!!