Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

(NOV. 15-MARCH 15)
Day Trip-$350.00 *does not include lunch
Day Trip plus one night in cottage-$475.00
Day Trip plus two nights in cottage-$550.00
Cottage(2 guest)-$140.00
Cottage(3 guest)-$155.00
Cottage(4 Guest)-$170.00
*add 8% sales tax

Finally some seasonal weather!  The cold spell did it’s job on the floating vegetation and most of the river has cleaned up nicely.  The wading angler now has a fair amount of water to fish on the upper, from the dam to Pete’s Draw campground. Both streamers and nymphs have been producing with the Goldie probably being the top producing streamer and the Pine Squirrel leech the best nymph.    Fremont canyon continues to fish well in the Cardwell section and in the canyon.  We are still getting mixed reports from the Miracle Mile.  She is quite fickle, decent one day and tough the next.  Nymphing the runs is probably most productive if you are after numbers.  Tossing a streamer on an intermediate line with a slow retrieve can be rewarding if you get it in front of a big brown’s nose.