Happy Turkey Day!

Wyoming Fly Fishing on Grey Reef has been good to excellent if you are brave and can combat the wind. It has been blustery. Long periods of high pressure and warm weather are often wind events, They will allow pretty uncrowded conditions. Those who generally complain about the “Wyoming Wind” won’t be your competition when taking advantage of all mother nature offers. Embracing adverse conditions is a secret that lovers of the region all have in common.

Streamers are knocking them silly and nymphing even better. We haven’t had dry fly for a couple days are there hasn’t been a “nice” part of the day to get the midges on the slick calm water…of course we have midges still and they are super important on your nymph rig.

Miracle Mile report was solid yesterday but hit and miss the days previous. Don’t go with big expectations but rather with big faith. Fremont Canyon is our super solid Disneyland Fishery and all disciplines getting them. Crawdads swung are a favorite of the big ones. The pioneer of the two handed Grey Reef  technique should come up with a 4.5′ 3 weight 2 handed rod so they can pioneer that in Fremont Canyon as well.

I bet most will be having turkey and enjoying family tomorrow…I will be enjoying family and a different landscape. I know several of our guests have plans to brew a big pot of chili and live in comfort of the cottages while taking opportunities to fish between snaps and spoon fulls.

I hope you are doing something you love or at the very least eating something you love this weekend. I won’t participate in black Friday but won’t begrudge you if that is your thing. I will begrudge you if your feast trumps mine! Enjoy!!!