Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Water Flows

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing will benefit from some added water. Grey Reef has been nudged to 600cfs!! This should signal a steady increase and we couldn’t be happier. Miracle Mile is a stout 5000cfs and another positive as far as we are concerned. Fishing is off the chart. While the rest of the Rockies will be out of commission due to runoff, Grey Reef will be generating cheek cramping smiles and sore wrists. The cramping cheeks may be a bit of a stretch but rarely does an angler go through the day without complaining of discomfort due to fighting fish repeatedly. The Gard group left and their impressions were typical but very flattering. They have been visiting¬† NPL for 16 seasons and still comment on the hardest fighting trout and they have traveled the world with fly rods. Dry/dropper has had some success, streamers have been good to excellent and mini rigs are silly.