Grey Reef Angling 4/5/14

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile fly fishing reporting more of the same and that is good news! Miracle Mile is up to a 1000+cfs and fishing much better while Grey Reef remains low and clear. Baetis aka Blue Winged Olives making a pretty good appearance. Baetis are what makes the spring so prolific on Grey Reef. The fish go nuts for them and cover all portions of the water column. Short and light emerger rigs are really fun and work from top to bottom. This will be an all day rig coming very shortly. Fremont Canyon fly fishing is well worth it and the central Wyoming weather forecast is really positive for the next week. Calm and warm with chilly eves. Streamer bite has been fair to pretty darn good depending on the day. You aren’t going to get the quantity of activity but that isn’t nessesarily what it is all about for some.

The North Platte Lodge is about to enter full operations mode as we have been having small B and B guests groups for the past month. This week starts full fly fishing lodging operations for 2014. Things are pretty tight with the schedule but we do still have some space in May for smaller groups. We have full lodge options the last week in August or after the 14th of October. Who thinks we should offer a late October/early November incentive? It is the time of year when a lot of us might start thinking about other things but the fish have a singular purpose…to crush any streamer or bug it can. This is the guides choice time of year. Great weather and high octane angling.

The Reef Fly Shop is on to 7 day/All day schedule and firing on all cylinders. The RV sites are getting a lot more attention than we expected and the cottages are booking with a fever. The new barn is almost ready for apre fish activities! Chill under the awning and tell stories to our hearts content.

Fish on the redds so please take care of them and target actively feeding fish. If you are sight casting you are likely targeting them on the spawning beds.