Grey Reef, Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Fishing has been solid and we wouldn’t expect any less. Grey Reef is producing some more big critters since our warm up. Miracle Mile is fishing fair and Fremont is on. Yesterday was great with warm and pretty calm conditions but today is breezy and tomorrow is going to nuke. Expected gusts near 50. Not great conditions to have a boat on the water but still some wading opportunities if you make sure to fish where the protection is rather than where you are sure the fish are…within reason. Brad will be in the shop so stop it to see what is going on. We do have some cottage availability this week but Friday is currently not available.

Nymphing all venues: midges, scuds, leeches, worms

Streamers: Goldie, peacock bugger, near nuff sculpins, Home invader, Dungeon, etc. Tan/white has been pretty effective and fun to watch the follows.