Grey Reef Fishing, Miracle Mile Fishing

Sorry for the report delay but I have been out for a few days. Fishing remains strong. Grey Reef has experienced some floaties due to fluctuation of Grey Reef Reservoir. Hope they discontinue soon.

AM trico has been worth the hunt. Get ’em on trico spinners, a rusty spinner or even small attractors for a couple of the eager ones in the pod. PM dry fly on caddis. Jeff Wagner was out last night picking apart riffles and was all smiles this morning. Fish rising to caddis in skinny water is good old fashioned fun.

Nymphing throughout the day has been good but don’t get too long or you will be dredging algae all day. PMD, caddis, scuds and the forgotten midge…

Streamers! Oh yeah. Goldie and what ever else trailing. Get the bugs to move! No wimpy strips.

Miracle Mile nymphing good. The water has finally gone tannic and has it’s characteristic brown tinge. Looks ugly but the fish are still ready and willing. Worms, leeches, caddis and midges have been top producers.

Fremont Canyon is looking pretty ugly as well and fishing fair. The fish are there and they will eat you just have to pay your dues. Fremont will be back in top form in October.

Bleak reports from around the west with low, warm water. Afternoon fishing restrictions are in effect in many drainages.  Grey Reef is fortunately holding strong and this week’s cold front will help tremendously. Expecting highs in the 70s all week. This will be a welcomed change.