Grey Reef Fishing Report

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for around here, especially the great fishing! The fishing has been solid the past few weeks, with all three tailwaters doing well.

Grey Reef is still flowing at 500 CFS and has been consistently fishing great. The weeds are clearing out with this cold snap we are having and the water is clear. We have been getting back to our winters bugs, midges, scuds,and analids are all producing fish. The Deep Purple in a size 16 followed up by a PAL or Mercury Midge in a size 20 has been a good setup. The Streamer bite is still pretty good, we have been doing better throwing smaller streamers rather than the big articulated ones. The Reef’s Mini Goldie, Peacock Bugger, or a Foxy Clouser are all great choices right now. There are still a lot of fish sitting in the slack water on the banks that will chase down a streamer. You have to use a little longer leader though because they are pretty spooky with this clear water.

The Mile is flowing @ 850 CFS and has been getting a lot of pressure these past few weeks. That being said, it is all public and there are a ton of spots to fish. We have been going for some of the big lake run rainbows throwing streamers. Olive seems to be the color of choice, especially on overcast or snowy days. The Olive Peanut Envy and Sex Dungeon have been our go to patterns.

Fremont/Cardwell is still fishing great! Big fish and lots of them! Stripping streamers in some the pockets behind the boulders or a standard nymph setup has been working well. RS2’s, PAL’s, Or Reef worms have all been getting it done. The weeds are really starting to clear out (Finally!) and the water is fairly clear.

We will be closed Thanksgiving day and Black Friday, but will back open on Saturday. As always if you have any questions stop by the shop or give us a call. Have a happy and safe Holiday!