Grey Reef Fishing Report

Congrats!! Dan Hall of the Denver area and a long time guest of The Reef Fly Shop on rainbow measuring just a touch over 25″ today. His guide Rick was netman. Well done both of you. Dan was really excited about that fish and the plethora of others he made contact with over his group’s 2 days of fishing. He commented that with his luck he should head to Las Vegas.

Wow! What a day…

We had trips out today from Fremont Canyon to Sechrist and all experienced the best of the North Platte River. I heard the fishing was almost “criminal” and “stupid” among others. Little bugs dominating, just the way we like it. Foam Post RS2s, All Day Mays, WD40s or whatever reasonable midge/baetis/PMD you had. I fished 5.5′ and a b shot from start to finish and on 2 different sections of river today. The boat ramp at Grey Reef was a cluster this AM and the rush hour boat traffic would make you wonder if this was an outdoor experience or a social event? Our guides are creative in these situation and tailored their guest’s day to minimize visibility of other boats and make it a solitary event. We saw 4 boats all day and never floated below Government Bridge.  That is the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop difference.