Grey Reef Fishing Report

The flush continues and the fishing seems to be getting better with each passing day. Most wading anglers have been hitting the Miracle Mile (when road conditions allow) or Fremont Canyon in the a.m. while the river is still receding. Fremont Canyon and particularly the Cardwell section has been the better of the two.  Leeches, purple San Juans and midge patterns are the most consistent producers there this week.  Below Grey Reef dam, once the flows drop in the morning, has been on fire. We had 5 boats on the river today and so far they have all reported good to excellent fishing.  Dark leech patterns and larger San Juans are putting trout in the boat during the overcast periods and smaller Reef worms in both red and purple are doing well when the sun is out.  Many of the trout being caught are in the slower water and the tail outs. Weather may be a bit iffy tomorrow with cooler temps, but a warming trend in in the forecast for next week.