Grey Reef & Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Report 3/22/14

Central Wyoming fly fishing is very good. We had 5 boats out yesterday and all reported lots of success. Pine squirrel leeches seemed to be the fly of choice coupled with scuds, mayhem midges, The Reef’s Deep Purple or Mini Impaler. We still believe that our guests should be an integral part of the process and the angler’s job is to manage a good drift. We don’t mind paying for flies either.

Miracle Mile fly fishing report is fair for the past several days. The roads to Miracle Mile just started getting dry with muddy patches but we are in another little snow squall this AM so that will likely change. Weather conditions do not look favorable today, high of upper 20s with strong north winds….brrrrrr! We know of a few places to stay warm though.

Still have our early season special until the end of the month. Cottages and guide trip for $425 for 1 night/1 day or $500 for 2nights/1 day.

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