Grey Reef Fishing Report

More awesome fishing and a little tougher weather conditions. Cool and rainy today but that won’t hurt the fishing. In fact, it will prolong ideal conditions. We will take all the cool and wet we can get right now…to¬† a point, ha!

Grey Reef flows 3400cfs 51degrees

Miracle Mile flows 2000cfs and 53 degrees

Fremont Canyon flows 1650cfs 51 degrees

Hatches: Baetis, caddis and midges, with PMDs showing themselves in small numbers. Expect PMDs and Yellow Sallies to dominate the hatch in the near future.

Kramer group just left and several more are arriving throughout the weekend. Bill Kramer has been putting groups together for many years and we can’t thank him enough for that!

The guides are very excited about the season so far and the prospects ahead. Fishing has been good at all venues and they have been making the most of it. Heavy river traffic days don’t seem that way with NPL and TRFS. Why? We go the extra mile to keep you out of the boat clusters. Don’t expect to be in a floatilla of random boats when fishing with us…we won’t do it. We don’t want to fish that way personally and don’t expect that it is okay to force our guests into those claustrophobic situations.

The Casper Star-Tribune had an article about the early emergence of grasshoppers this year. With the dry conditions we have had there will less food for them so will be even more competition. Granted we don’t have the numbers we had in 2010 but that may not matter if there are large concentrations in the high quality food available in the riparian zones adjacent to the river?? I am optimistic.

Photo: Al Haas at 89 years old and 70 years of fly fishing. The Haas and Chauvel group had come in 2006 and Al wanted to return to the best fishing he had ever had. Thanks Steve, Mike, Ron and Al!