Grey Reef Fishing Report May!

Grey Reef fly fishing is silly and doesn’t really get any better. The North Platte River conditions are excellent from Grey Reef Dam to Government Bridge, the true Grey Reef section. But the moisture central Wyoming received last week combined with warm temps over Alcova has Bear, Bolton and Bates Creek back to spewing some muddy water. The lower North Platte River was fishable and fishing a few days ago and Casper, Wyoming fly fishing was productive for the nooners.

Alcova Wy will see mid 70s today and tomorrow near 80 across central Wyoming. Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont are all fishing strong as a result of the spring baetis hatch. Short and light emerger rigs all day long with Pulsating Emergers, RS2s, Mayhems, PALs, Big Bear Baetis etc. fish don’t need big bright colored bugs and often a good natural reproduction will be more productive.

Next week on Thursday and Friday is the annual 2 Fly fly fishing competition. The river will be busy and it would be a good option to save your sanity and skip Grey Reef for those two days. Expect upwards of 30 boats on the river just for the 2 Fly. We are happy to participate because it is all about generating a lot of money for local charities and not much about the actual competition.